Pictures of the Bristol Club Modular Layout:

Lift Bridge installation October 2010 Session 1

Lift Bridge installation November 2010 Session 2

Layout Pictures 2000

Pictures from Past Shows:

West Springfield Show, January 30-31, 2016

West Springfield Show, January 25-26, 2014

Greenberg Train Show - Nov 20-21, 2010, Wilmington, MA

Newmarket Heritage Festival - Sept 25-26, 2010, Newmarket NH

West Springfield Show - January, 2010

NMRA HUB Division Show - Dec 5-6, 2009

New Haven All Gauge Show - Aug 17, 2004

Greenberg Train Show - Nov 15-16, 2003 Wilmington, MA

Newmarket Heritage Festival - Sept 20-21, 2003, Newmarket NH

Greenberg Train Show - April 6-7, 2002 Wilmington, MA

New Haven, CT All Gauge Train Show August 2001 Pictures

Greenberg April 2001 Pictures

Greenberg April 2000 Pictures

NMRA HUB Division November 2000

Amherst Railway Society 2000 Pictures
(Springfield, MA)

Pictures from Meetings:

January 2016 Carol and Bob Haladyna

June 2015 Don Haiges

November 2014 Marlene and Gene Kelley

October 2011 Phyllis and Rob Sieger

June 2011 Dale Hasenzahl

May, 2011 Donna and Joe Santoro

January, 2011 Jan and Chet Brown

Christmas Party, 2010

September, 2010 Tommy Robichaud

June, 2010 Club Picnic, Bobbie and Ed Stead

May, 2010 Donna and Joe Santoro

March, 2010 Pat and John Fucile

February, 2010 Richard Haley

June, 2005 Family Picnic

Oct 4, 2003 Flying Yankee

Nov 9, 2003 Bob Hogan








Bob Hogan

Bob Cunningham

Don Hasenzahl

Doug Peck

Gene Kelly

Jim Collins

Joe Santoro

John Ciarleglio

Tom Robichaud

Several club members have home layouts, implementing various aspects of S scale model railroading. We plan to include diagrams and photos of some of these layouts to share what we have learned.

New layouts will be added from time-to-time, probably based on the club meeting schedule!

Photos of Joe Santoro's Layout. Joe has a new HiRail layout in a new building! Pictures from our May 2010 meeting.

Photos of Bob Hogan's Layout. Bob has since moved on, but we well remember his three-foot gauge railroad set in 1948-51 featuring the Rio Grande Southern, D&RGW and West Side Lumber Company.

Photos of John Cialeglio's Layout. John has a large Hirail layout under construction in his basement. Most of the trackwork is done, and he has full DCC operation in place. We had a great time operating at our March meeting!

Photos of Gene Kelly's Layout. Gene enjoys creating detail elements for his layout. Look carefully to see the many fun items on this layout.

Pictures of Doug Peck's Layout and Collection. Doug has a great collection of AF and more modern S scale equipment, and a dynamite tinplate style layout. These pictures were taken at the October meeting.

Check out Tommy Robichaud's Layout. This is a pretty recent effort, started in the fall of 1998. It is about 22' by 16', in a purpose-built room over Tommy's garage. There are some new pictures of Tommy's layout, taken at the September meeting.

Don Hasenzahl's Layout. Don has a fantastic, fully sceniced Highrail layout, filling half of a large room. Don hosted the club meeting in May, and Skip and I took a bunch of pictures.

Member's Rolling Stock:

Bill Boucher

More Bill Boucher

Bill Boucher Structures

Skip Readio

These pages are made up mostly of pictures. We've devided them up so that the download time is not too long. We hope you like them!

Bill Boucher has spent many years building a true museum-quality circus train. Part one is a bunch of pictures of the circus train.

More Bill Boucher is a few closeups of some of the wagons opened up to show the detail inside.

A few of Bill Bouchers buildings, stations, and other structures

Skip Readio has some of the most beautiful custom-painted brass locomotives I've ever seen.


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